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As licensed asbestos roof removal specialists, North Melbourne Roofing offers the safe removal and disposal of asbestos material. As part of our asbestos roof replacement service, we decontaminate the work site to ensure your property is asbestos free, giving you peace of mind that your family and visitors are in a safe and healthy environment.

Equipped with specialised equipment, our highly skilled and experienced team can also replace your roof with a material of your choice.

Why Should An Asbestos Roof Be Replaced?

  • Asbestos is a hazardous material which poses significant health risks
  • Over time, asbestos will become brittle and unsafe to maintain
  • Removing an asbestos roof will add value to your property
  • It is much safer and more economical to remove an asbestos roof before it reaches poor condition
  • A new roof can support solar panels, ducted air conditioning systems and more

Resistant to high temperatures and fire and providing effective insulation, asbestos was a popular material used in buildings in Australia from the 1940s to late 1980s.

Asbestos containing materials include flat and corrugated sheeting, cement pipes, insulation, floor tiles, roofing, textured paints and more.

At the end of 2003, a national ban on asbestos came into effect in Australia as it is extremely fibrous and exposure to asbestos increases the risk of developing cancer. Asbestos fibres can be invisible and breathed in easily, becoming trapped in a person’s lungs and causing severe damage.

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If you have an asbestos roof and are looking to have it removed, ensure you only trust the experts at North Melbourne Roofing. We will safely remove your asbestos roof and dispose of it in accordance with Victorian regulations.

When we remove your asbestos roof, we ensure the risk to occupants of the property and our team is minimised. Our team wear special suits, masks, gloves and shoe covers and we safeguard your home by removing all debris and thoroughly cleaning the work site following asbestos roof removal, removing all fibres and hazardous materials.

At North Melbourne Roofing, we pride ourselves on our highly professional team who take the safe removal of asbestos roofing seriously. Our specialised asbestos roof removal and replacement services include:

  • Removal of asbestos roofing materials
  • Correct and safe disposal of asbestos according to EPA standards
  • Installation of a new roof of your choosing

The North Melbourne Roofing team are fully licensed and certified in asbestos removal. We comply with WorkSafe and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) standards for all asbestos roof removal projects, taking care on site to ensure our team and the property’s occupants are safe.

To find out more about our asbestos roof removal and replacement services, get in touch with us today.


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